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What is Smartphone Link? MSM Supported Version
"Smartphone Link" is a service to link the MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM) with your mobile device, to enable to check the condition of Mutoh printer connected to MSM via network, and control the printer remotely from mobile devices such as Android™ and iPhone. Dedicated application "VSM Mobile" is required for mobile devices.

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 Configuration of Smartphone Link
"VSM Mobile" is designed for use within local networks.
Communicating with your printer via MSM is recommended. Direct communication will be also available via a Wi-Fi network.
In case of direct communication, some of the functions from the remote panel will be limited.

 You cannot access your Mutoh printer from outside the shop with "MSM Mobile".

 To communicate "VSM Mobile" with MUTOH printer, make sure your mobile devices and wireless LAN router are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

 Main function of VSM Mobile
"VSM Mobile" offers the following services for your Mutoh printer.
Check the print status
Check the remaining ink (Remaining Smart/C) amount
Check the Aleart
Check the printer status
Check the firmware version
Remote control of panel
 MSM Supported Version
Version : 8.11 or later

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