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What is Status Monitor? Main Functions MSM Supported Version
Status Monitor is a service that allows you to check your Mutoh printer condition on your PC by network-connecting your Mutoh printer with MUTOH Status Monitor(MSM).
 Main Functions
Status Monitor allows you to check the following printer information:

Before checking, printer should be connected to MSM via network.

More functions will be available in the future.

 Status Information
Check the printer status!
You will be able to check the status in real time.
 Detail Information
Check the communication error status!
You will be able to check the communication error status in real time.
 S/C Card Information
Check the remaining ink level of S/C card!
As S/C card information, you can check the following information.
  • Format check status
  • Color
  • Capacity[ml]
  • Residual quantity[%]
 Smart/C Information
Check the charge status and remaining amount of Smart/C!
This service allows you to check Smart/C information.
 Heater Information
Check the heater temperature setting and temperature status!
As heater-related information, you can check the following information in real-time:
  • Heat complete status
  • Printing status
  • Setup temp. and temp. status of Pre heater
  • Setup temp. and temp. status of Platen heater
  • Setup temp. and temp. status of After heater
 Head Temp./Cartridge Information
Check the head temperature and ink cartridge status!
You will be able to check the head temp. and cartridge info. in real time.
The cartridge information includes following:
  • Cartridge insert sensor status
  • Cartridge near end sensor status
 Media Information
Check the media information!
The following information on the currently loaded media can be checked when printer is connected to MSM via USB.
  • Media type
  • Media feed method
  • Media size
  • Maximum print number

 This feature is limited RJ-901X/900X.

 Print Information
Check the latest print information!
The following latest print information can be checked.
  • Print time
  • Print mode
  • Print size
  • Total ink consumption
  • Chart of each ink consumption

 This feature is limited RJ-901X/900X.

 MSM Supported Version
Version : 8.11 or later

 Click here to see the details on MSM